Premades & Balance

**Look I'm no freaking expert, but I'm staring to notice a pattern here:** 1. My team gets stomped like 35:15 kills 2. I ask if they are premade 3. Yes When Riot says they match the teams so that both have an equal chance of winning I call complete bullshit! Its simply not fair to pitch soloq players vs premades. They are on skype, their communication is simply so much better. They got a team comp that is OP and a plan. And they dont hate each other in the course of the game. And if that stuff is true, then why not provide a framework where we can pull data and see the win rates of the different slices. Duo queue, Drio, 4 and 5 compared to soloq. If its all oh so legit, then why not let us see the actual statistics? But i want the stats sliced by elo. Especially in low elo where people dont communicate at all that is a huge advantage, but I bet riot is too lazy to make a separate algorithm for the different elos. I dont believe for a second that that stuff is balanced. Not for a second. Riot no more money for you till it gets fixed. **When I get stomped into a pulp I want it to be because I AM BAD not because they were premade**
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