Ranked is bullsh*t

I'm in ELO hell. No matter how hard i try, I can never climb because I get a bad team after every win, so my record would be: W:L:W:L:W:L:W:L:W:L and eventually I'll hard carry as support to get 2 wins but then another loss on my promos stopping me from climbing. And I don't want anyone seeing this to think "Just another bronze crying about how his team is bad but really he's the bad one" - I'll explain why, hear me out. I main support, which means I kind of rely on having a good ADC, and the ADC kind of relies on having a good support. I'm always a good support, I deal more damage than anyone on my team (adc, top, mid, jungle) to champions and also take more damage (to tank) with usually the least deaths. My average damage dealt by Sion (my main) is **55k** when the average is f@cking **12k IN PLAT+ ELO** and i have a kda of 5/6/18 **JUST IN PRE SEASON** out of 4 games played, which were all quite short. My average in Season 7 was **75k**, and S6 was actually **90k**. All average damage taken throughout this time averaged to about 35k, and this is just on sion. I play brand currently as my runner-up, and do something. My win % is higher than anyone in bronze 2 besides one ("_darknigth22_") who is probably a smurf. I won 18 and lost 9, which means half of my wins come out of losses, so it literally is WLWWLWWLWWLWLWWLWWLWWLWWLWW(or something like that, yes, that's 18w and 9l <<<). Coincidence? Nah, noone can tell me this is coincidence. I dont understand also how the number 1 bronze 2 has a record of 201/197 and is number one. That means he's 4 wins ahead of his losses, whereas i'm 9, doubling my losses with wins. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only person suffering with sh*t like this. Riot, please. Sort this out. At least make it less obvious. I played two ranked games today (and I never play ranked), and i'm plotted... **Game 2:** (Defeat) Against a team of: Silver 3 (x2) Silver 4 Silver 5 Bronze 1 With a team of: Silver 4 Bronze 2 (me) Silver 5 Unranked A riven player "thas wassup" also AFK'd through this whole match (silver 4) I should also point out that on the 40th minute of this 4v5 match, I made a call to my team that they were going to take baron, and to come and help, as it was our last chance of really winning. One of the 3 other teammates, Elise, listened to me, and the enemies did as I predicted, we were able to kill their strongest champion (the adc ezreal) but we got beaten in a 4v2. If the team were not stubborn and listened to me, we'd have probably won because ezreal (their main damage source) was deleted almost instantly. Oh yeah, and this was without our main damage source, adc kog. And guess who had the highest kill participation %? Oh, the bronze 2 support. Another thing that annoys me is that not only am i paired up with people ranked higher than me but also, I'm a f*cking better player than them! AND I'M THE BRONZE!? **Game 1:** (victory) Against a team of: Bronze 1 (x2) Silver 4 Silver 5 (x2) With a team of: Bronze 4 Bronze 2 (me) Silver 4 (x3) The adc, Jinx, got the best stats this game, but she wouldn't have gotten fed without me, and I had the second best performance. So, in other words, bot lane carried that game. The point I'm trying to make is that I am literally a true case of someone stuck in low elo that should be higher. I know i'm capable of platinum to diamond level, yet I can't escape this hell, because it's really hard to carry as support, so you think maybe i should change role? Yes, I could, however i enjoy playing support, as I don't have to pay so much attention to my CS, and more on the champion v champion.Support is just better for me, and is my best role, however, it's like the single role that has the most difficulty in carrying (especially with sion) because i have to focus on saving my adc's ass all the time and providing CC. I wish I could skip Bronze, Silver and Gold, as i'd then be playing with people on my level, not only improving my skill in the game, but also making it more fun and challenging. I'm confident I'm the best player in bronze and silver that is not a smurf, and I'd be high in the gold elo. It's so obvious that the system somehow pairs me up with bad players, and then If i win, decides to make it nigh impossible, as the system pairs me up with even WORSE players, and if "even worse players" still doesn't stop me, then they pair me up with AFK's _or French players (-> thats a joke)._ And it doesn't make sense why they do this. However, no matter what I say, riot will not just boost me up to Platinum, so all I ask of RIOT is that you balance the ranked matchmaking. Thank you for reading.
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