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Greetings everyone, My name's **Kehoru**. I've been playing League of Legends since season 2. During this long episode on this game, I've noticed two things related to the project I'm about to talk about. 1: Players helping each other is a rare thing, all servers combined. 2: There's no real web platform with community interaction (forums) dedicated in helping the players progress and improve themselves. Even though there are League of Legends related forums and even programs/etc. made especially to help us with our games (not refering to cheats and scripts, ofc), there's nothing like a real community entirely made for entirely made for self-improvements.. and this is the part about this project I've been having in mind for quite a while. **League of Legends** is a game that requires regular training and the capacity to learn from one's mistakes in order to climb the ladders more easily and more efficiently. The fact that most of the players would rather have sexual interactions with your mother than helping you out and giving you some tips to train your skills cannot be denied. However, it also cannot be denied that there is an important amount of players that would take their time to help you out with your gaps; I'd like to spotlight these players and this part of League's community via this project. My goal would be to reunite such players in one community based on one unique forums, where tips; guides; mutual aid and much more would reign over. This is indeed a **serious project** and my willing to help struggling players isn't ready to disappear. **Q: There are a lot of forums -including the official ones- that propose guides, support and much more that already exist. Why this project ?** I do know and understand that my project there could appear as unnecessary or destined to sink, but here's my point: There's absolutely no real and serious community that gathers it all. As examples; Mobafire might have guides, their forums are forsaken and uncomplete. About the official LoL forums, the number of trolls and toxic players replying is astonishing. Furthermore, I think that this board lacks the feeling of being part of a full community. (indeed a personal and subjective opinion) **Q: Got anything yet about the project ? Is it your first time ?** No name, nothing. I personally can't really start any project by myself as the feeling of doing something like this alone makes me feel anxious (meh). It is not the first time that I go into forums and communities as I already have created and managed a good amount of communities. I also have experience in web coding (HTML, CSS mainly) and GFX (photoshop and such). Feel free to share your opinion. Anything useless such as "it sucks" or "useless" will obviously be ignored; same as the ones that can't share something without swearing or putting the others down. If you are interested in this project, wish to know more or anything else, feel free to reply on this thread or add me on Discord: **Jeg#2411** Thank you for your time.
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