Grandmaster EUNE Jungle Decision Making

Grandmaster EUNE Jungler Decision Making
Casually doing herald next to a fight after entire team saw J4 pathing top. Killed J4 and were fighting Sylas, but Grandmaster Kha was doing that Herald all the way. Season 9 decision making right there.
Jarvan IV walking over a ward Morgana and Renekton spot him, deciding to go in and kill since Sylas is the only one close while Kha is over the wall Morgana, Renekton kill J4 and Sylas is the only one left. Using all rotations and Sylas is healing up Enemy team rotating all the way from MID Meanwhile Kha Zix was so bent on doing that Herald next to all of US. Renekton ends up dying, we lose the potential pressure. 2 kills on Sylas,J4 + herald + pressure topside < solo doing Heradl I don't understand this Season and this game anymore, Kha has an audacity to tell us after everyone was there and we were blind hardstucks. Losing the game like this is Poggers, season 9 is poggers and while im typing and trying to get into a game. I CAN"T CAUSE CLIENT IS SHIT AND NOW I WILL LOSE LP? RECONNECT BUTTON DOESN"T EVEN SHOW UP!

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