BE Dropchances

Hey everyone, I was just doing some calculations on how long one has to play to get a certain amount of Blue Essence. I have searched for some time but i couldn't find any accurate data on the amount of BE you get out of a Champion-Capsule. On LoL-Wiki there are listed all the preset drops but they dont mention any dropchances or BE average. ( ) There is a thread by a Rioter (Mortdog) on the topic. It includes the specific BE values that are possible (though not the dropchances) aswell as the average amount of BE you get out of capsules. ( ) But since the thread is now over a year old and outdated in some points (e.g. FWotD rewards) i wanted to ask if somebody could verify/falsify the information given by mortdog or maybe even give more specific information on the dropchances for the specific BE values. Thanks in advance, and have a nice day everyone!
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