Ex pro gamer/coach! Now i want to coach you for free

Hi everyone! I'm an ex-competitive gamer/diamond 1 (seasons 3,4 and 5) and am looking to start freely tutoring players from bronze/silver/gold to help them get into higher divisions plus as many people as i can improve while doing so. What i would like to do is take 4 random players from the mentioned ranked tiers and see how much i can help them improve while streaming, so as many people as possible can learn as i do so. Every week or 14 days I would like to take a new group of people and start over. I'll also be going over VoDs from any viewers who wish to get any advice and will explain my own ideas/plays as much as i can throughout. I've learnt a lot about LoL over the last 4 years that i've played on and off and I'd like to share it rather than let it go to waste, and this is the only way i can think of :) I'm only posting this to see general interest and see what you guys would think, plus would like anyone interested to post their names so i can pm them and further discuss everything with them. I'd also like to do the same on any other game voted for by you guys as i was global on CS, Masters on SCII and an ex competitive CoD player so i have experience in other games too! Also if you want to play, head over to twitch.tv/optimyzdx and ask in the chat! plenty of space :)

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