Riot, show us your stance on loot boxes!

In recent time, the US congress and the UK parliament has started a bill about banning loot boxes and pay to win features simply because loot boxes are considered gambling and there is no game that has an age restriction under 21 (the legal age for gambling in USA). EA, Activision and Bethesda have made it clear that they do not support this bill and such support milking money out of children through child gambling and EA stated during a discussion about predatory lootboxes in UK parliament that "we don't call them loot boxes, we call them surprise mechanics". Epic Games was also attending the same discussion (I'll link it here if you watch at 1:14:14 you will watch the "surprise mechanics" moment) and made a fool of themself with claiming that they do not make money out of people playing their games. Riot, are you going to stick by your rivals and call loot boxes ethical and child gambling ethical (like EA, Activision, Bethesda and the whole ESA is claiming) or are you going to take action and put in for example a limit to how much one can purchase or any other regulation to make your Hextach Chests ethical. This does depend on what UK parliament and US congress decides upon but if you show that you are willing to work for a solution then they will probably too, if the law gets exactly as they want then we can all say good bye to hextech chests and that is why you should involve yourself and try to find an approveble middle ground. I am not bringing this up to chame you guys, you are doing an awesome job, but I just want to make it clear that if you do not deal with this now the knife of the law will soon be in your back and you will have to do it then, on worse terms than excpected. (My apologies for any grammatical and/or spelling errors, english is not my native language)
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