Tyler1 banned again

Obviously as from last time I haven't seen an official post from a rioter about Tyler1 being unbanned, but being undercover on a different name. Tyler1 has changed a lot in a good way. He got banned again, probably they found out that he was playing but I don't understand why he got banned. There are several videos on YouTube by IWillDominate main example being, where he duod with Tyler1 and there was legit, no flame, no toxicity, and he seemed like an actual, geniune nice guy for once. Someone that is actually trying to change. Seeing him banned partly makes me feel sad and angry, because it just shows that no matter how hard someone tries to be nice he won't get unbanned. It doesn't matter how you are in the game is how this makes me feel. All this Tyler1 banning, gave Tyler1 publicity. Why wouldn't RIOT allow him to use that publicity to set right what he did wrong? Please let me know because I am absolutely confused about this stuff..
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