Thank you Riot and Goodbye.

Dear Riot Games, I sincerely thank you for so many years with League of Legends, it has been fun playing the game and it will always have a place in my heart. Sadly, some of the last few changes to League, like lithality and the new Rune system, has been too much of a game changer that it has changed how the game works. The new rune system is probably great in many people's eyes, but I don't, I straight up hate it with all of my gut. The old rune system was much better in my opinion, it was something that could help you perform better in early game, but only slightly, so that you had a better chance to get to late game, and there is where the masteries came in, to give you some further added small flat bonuses that would help you maintain your pace into late game. Now League feels like nothing makes sence anymore, Lethality makes tanking and protecting an adc a big pain in the ass, the new rune system makes supporting/tanking while protecing your adc an even bigger pain in the ass and not to mention how botlane has become infested with mage supports and mage adc (or in this case "APC"), if you're not expecting that and you go full utility support (whitch used to be just as good as going ap support), you'd end up getting rekt because utility support chanp has been nerfed to oblivion and stands NO chance against ANY champ that has massive poke or just has massive damage in general (aka. Mage support). Yo Riot, You think you fixed Soraka? NO, You made her even MORE OP than EVER, but you changed her kit to such an extreme that I hate to play her now, she is no fun because you don't have to think about who to heal, you can just spam heal till you're hand is broken and you'd still not be able to kill yourself (If you have Warmogs armor+ 3k HP, Spirit Visage and Redemption)... When I take 1400 damage from rengar in 0.6 sec as a tank with 155 armor and rengar has no armor pen either, JUST no, the game has changed too much, It's not the same game that I fell in love with before, so I will be taking my leave and probably never come back. I just hope you guys use all that money I spent on the game to good use, or am I being too optimistic? o.O
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