I wish I could hug you all!

Especially during this cold time where outside one quickly turns rosy I shall teach you a recipe of mine, one that keeps us warm and cosy! First step is to get clothed correct, something you feel good in I expect or even without, I wouldn't object. Second is the location, something fluffy a Sofa or bed are likely the best, a nice one, hopefully warm and puffy! but it doesn't matter, we'll put it to the test. Then we will huggle and puggle and tuggle and struggle, and juggle and snuggle! We will snuggle all night and all day, indulging in the greatest feelings, When to stop? Only we got a say! Together we'll reach the highest ceilings! This is what I want to do with you, I sincerely hope you would too. <3 ######(Taking time to reflect... ######I hope this didn't misdirect.)
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