Twitch Prime bad advertisement

2 hours ago there was information in the store about Twitch Prime loot that gives u 2 skinshards, 1 legendary skinshard and 1 unique Pengu emote.. I bought Twitch Prime to come to the conclusion that this offer isn't even available on Twitch, yet it shows the offer that was available til 14th of May and is now going til 27th of May... also after that, they changed the in-client info back to 1 skin, wardskin and icon??? I know stuff can happen, but I paid for Twitch Prime because of this and I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who spent money for something that isn't even there?? {{sticker:sg-janna}} EDIT: Luckily Amazon Prime offers a full refund when u cancel Prime within a few hours so I will receive my money back. Still not very nice on the end of Riot tho :/
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