Is nobody taking Ranked seriously?

If by logic of "having a bad game" means going 1:9 and then spamming : "FF PLZ" throughout the whole game, in an upper high ELO and without any precautions, then yes, i do have a problem with that. Today i had a Ranked game where the kill to death difference was around 10-12. The enemy team had a fed Le BLanc which had about 10 kills (yeah she was fed, but not that much) and their team also had squishy champions, which in comparison with ours (Wukong, Cho, Vladimir Xayah etc..) were obviously put at disadvantage. To add to that, i was playing Soraka and my ADC was doing better than theirs, not to mention the damage our ADC had. Despite me trying to uplift my team to the grand finale of feeling positive, they instead decided to go with the decision of reaching the climax of negativeness by starting a surrender vote, which ended with only me voting for "No" (which unfortunately isn't enough). Just to remind you, we HAD turrets, we only lost 2-3 by the reach of 25th minute or something, which is not a reason to surrender and give them a free win. In fact, considering that we had a much bigger and complex team composition pressure on them, i was 98% sure we would have a good comeback. Even if my situation was different, let's say that we lost 5 turrets in total instead, is it truly worth to surrender? And give your enemies a fast finish? Just because (most of the time) YOU didn't do well in the game you were playing? If this game taught me anything this whole time i am playing it is that the only valid reason to surrender is if it's obvious that we won't win the game (teammates dead, timer is up to 40 seconds or more and enemies are destroying nexus turrets). If these players truly cared about Ranked, they would have firstly analyze the game instead, realize the advantages their team has, try to do better and continue doing their best. In fact, if they truly cared, they wouldn't have given them a free pass just because they THINK they will lose. Just because they are tired of playing normal and are way too irritated to continue playing the game. You can go ahead and tell me that i am a "NEVER SURRENDER" type of person. Truly, i am not. But in my life of playing this game, you won't believe how many good come backs there were. The best part of it, players didn't give up. They cared about their team and cared about the win. **THEY CARED!** When you are doing your best and are playing Xayah and are 4:5:6 with 160 CS in 20 something minute of the game and then write "FFS", it only shows how much of a quitter you are. How much you don't care. How much you want to give the enemies a free win. How much you don't care about Ranked. I am a former believer that you can surrender for many reasons, really. But i don't think it's right to surrender while subconsciously knowing you are playing better or knowing that you can win in general. This is called negative attitude. I don't approve it. I never will. What makes players think that by surrendering at 20 minutes mark because of tilt will make their next game much better? I mean, a game after that next game you will encounter the same or similar situation.. Will you choose to decide to surrender that time as well? Have some respect for people around you. Not all people play this game just so 4 other players can lift their hands up in the air and say "IDGAF" . Not so the players who are tilted want to DELIBERATELY hand a free win to the enemies. Seriously though. The amount of "IDGAF" attitudes floating in the air in Ranked are seriously saddening to see and experience for yourself. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
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