League is dying term has become meaningless

Cleanprincegaming and Downward Thrust's Damage To Game Criticism
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I play other games and noticed a certain trend. I once in a while visit Warframe forum and saw this: https://imgur.com/qn8zNyj it's a forum bingo game and you will notice one of the points "Warframe is dead", looks like they get those too. I think most outside people would assume Warframe is this game that is doing fine and constantly growing, but apparently not so much. Recently i started playing this game called Trove while looking up on some stuff regarding it(how to play and progress further), i also found out it's dying. Youtube once in a while recommends videos regarding Fortnite and guess what it's DYING TOO. And recently i saw this Video: https://youtu.be/x200hp4UznM This isn't league specifically related, but it does talk about how everyone loves talking how certain games dying and how 2 YouTubers are fueling that. I myself followed Downward thrust for a while so i know he made few of those kinds of league videos too. In the end, he mentions that people will stop playing games after a while, because well they get bored of them, which i feel like we say this every time this pops up. So apparently league isn't the only game that is dying it's every freaking game in the industry, which is pretty BS, but It looks like people are getting aware of this and maybe this will eventually stop. Just wanted to share this Also do you maybe know some other games that are "dying"?
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