Are the game modes for you?

Ok, so if you are on the boards, you will have noticed, like we have during every game mode an uproar of complaints on the boards, filled with players, who do not fully understand the point of the game modes. When you play a Normal or Ranked game, if you win or lose, you either get "Victory" or "Defeat", because that is the point of those games, winning or losing. When you play game modes, if you win or lose, you either get "first place" or "second place", not victory or defeat. The reason for this is that the game modes are not about winning or losing, but are instead for having fun, messing around with new things. The game modes are not meant to be fair and balanced, that is not the point of them, there are op things in every game mode, there always will be and that won't change, because it shouldn't. The point of the game modes is to have fun. If you play with only the intention of winning, you are not going to have fun. If you play with the intention of having fun, like the game modes are meant to be played, you will enjoy the game no matter what the end result is. In URF there was a problem before, where you couldn't really have the option of picking "off - URF - meta" things, there should not be a meta for the game modes, but people would complain and moan that your champ was useless in URF and then wouldn't let you enjoy it as they were not playing to have fun, but instead ruin your experience by picking "off-meta" and so you would see the same thing over and over again We got given ARURF instead, this allowed a variety of options of playing different champs and roles in the game modes without seeing the repeated champions again and again. Yes, you may end up with a champ more than once as it works like ARAM, it is based upon the champions you own and the free to play champions. So you do not get more champions than you would in the old URF but you do get the same amount, with more variety. Playing a game mode like you will lose lp is not the right way to play them, it is about going in and spamming the enemy as often as you can, collecting the relics and slaying your enemies, capturing points, becoming invisible so you can run along side an enemy without them knowing you are there, to then surprise melt them as they go to back, getting that hexakill, or pushing down base as quickly as possible, etc. It is **NOT** about winning or losing! If you play the game modes purely to win them, then you have to question yourself: **"Are the game modes really for me?" **

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