New Normal Game mode for Summoners Rift : Training Mode

We have gotten practice tool to learn things like Lee Sin insec, or GP Barell combos But let's be honest, neither bot games, nor Practice tool will help us out becoming better in a PvP scenario at all, no matter how much we train, we have to get used to enemys trying to dodge, and their mental mindset when playing against your champ, all which is unavailable in Botgames or Practice mode. Now here is what bugs me, you can't properly learn in a Normal game anymore, people pick their Lv.7 in hope of stomping First Trys, which they do, just yesterday i've fought an Ahri with 1500+ games and a Vayne with 467 + Vayne games, how do you expect did the game end? Yes, Bad, for both my teams K/d/a and Tilt-o-meter, normally you think you learn from something when getting beaten, but you won't learn anything from going 0/9/2 as jungler being unable to do anything because you have to jungle against a Kha'zix onetrick which constantly either Steals your jungle or either kills you if you try to stop him... Thats why i had the idea for _**Training Mode**_ A mode in which each player is only allowed to pick champs they have Under lv.4, which means champs that they have a lv.4/5/6/7 mastery on will be locked for you in the mode, and it's a Blindpick Draftpick, which means you can preset your roles, but you can't see your enemys picks, and no champ will be banned You earn as much ~~IP~~ EXP as for a normal Normal game. What do you think?
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