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Hey everyone! Today (probably within the next hour or so), a change is going to kick in on the EU-EN boards that I&#039;m super interested in finding out how you guys feel about it after trying it a little. Basically, we will be removing the ability to vote on a topic from the main boards page. > **Rito, why would you do that? I love downvoting posts!** The main purpose of this change is to encourage people to go into topics and view them, give their thoughts and opinions on them, rather than &quot;judging a book by it&#039;s cover&quot; (IE: It&#039;s title) then downvoting and moving on. > **But I&#039;m entitled to my ability to vote, don&#039;t be jerks and take that away from me :&#039;-( ** Fear not, noble Boardsian (Is that a word? It is now.) - we aren&#039;t removing voting. You can still vote on a topic in two places: - In the topic itself (which is preferred, because it at least means you&#039;ve viewed the topic!) - In any of the sub-boards (IE: If you open up Player Behaviour, you can still vote from that view) This is only a change on the main page. > **What prompted this change?** A few months ago, when we introduced the &quot;New Player Advice&quot; board, we made the decision to disable voting entirely there to encourage a better environment for players asking questions. This was surprisingly well received by the community, with a clear understanding of why the decision was made, and the intended audience. Based on that as well as thoughts on negativity and downvoting across the boards, we wanted to try something new to encourage people to engage more, downvote less. If you don&#039;t like a topic, there&#039;s still ways to vote on it - but ultimately it&#039;s a healthier environment if people explain *why* they&#039;re downvoting something, and encouraging people to view the post and respond more might be a way to do that. > **Okay I can't vote - but I can't even view the votes either! How can I tell if a topic sucks? ** You open it! ^_^ This is entirely intentional also - we believe that some topics are judged just as harsh based on their down/upvotes as their title. If a topic is mature enough, this makes sense (It's had 100 views and <x> downvotes, it's probably already been judged appropriately) - but if someone makes a topic and two people instantly downvote it, then that topic is already getting a negative bias. As such, you'll be unable to view the votes from the homepage also (Again, it's still in the topic and sub board though!) > **Okay this sucks. We tried it Rito, we hate it. What are you going to do to fix this?** Undo it. Seriously. Personally, I would ask that you guys give it a shot and see how it pans out over a week or so, just to see how you feel over that time. We&#039;ll be listening to the feedback here (As this is only a change on the EU-English boards) and would really appreciate **constructive** feedback. Rather than &quot;this sucks&quot; or &quot;this is awesome&quot; - tell us why! This is totally experimental, and if it ends up being disliked by you guys, we&#039;ll revert it. But for now, we&#039;ll be keeping an eye on the boards overall to see whether engagement has increased, what impact it has (negative or positive) overall, and of course on your direct feedback (drop it here! :-D) Any more questions on this, feel free to ask below and we&#039;ll do what we can to answer. We wanted to be clear on why we&#039;re making this change, what our direction is, and how your feedback will help us shape what direction we take after trialing this. Thanks for reading the wall of text! ^_^ **tl;dr: Voting disabled on the homepage, still available everywhere else.**
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