just uninstalled this game , dont plan on reinstalling it again

i mainly play aram and for the past 11 aram games , the longest was 28 minutes , one was 24, and the whole rest was sometimes as low as 13:08 (average time was 15 minutes i think) the only games that lasted longer than a co-op vs ai game were the 28 and 24 minute games , i dont get it , why is aram in such a state that allows for matches to last so short , i am sure sub 10 minute games could be possible with the right combo , this isnt possible on summoners rift, why is it possible on aram ? in only the 2 long games i reached level 18 , in all others i was level 13-16 first riot removed fun modes and only made them a weekend thing , where you had to overplay them like urf , if you liked them , before there were fun modes for 2 weeks , you didnt have to play the time you would play in 2 weeks in a weekend , it really wouldnt hurt the game if more modes where in the game , i simply dont like playing summoners rift or twisted treeline anymore , the star guardian , poro king , shurima artifact and many other fun modes were really fun , but most of the time , all you can play is aram , SR or treeline , nothing else i just dont see a reason to keep the game installed anymore , aram still used to be fun even with ocasional inbalanced random teams (because random means one team has to stomp the other , its rarely balanced teams ) but now you barely play a round and its over
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