I've mained this champ for 9yrs and having to fight to just pick to play him make's me sad. Guess its time for a break. :( Right i'm just going to put it out there, i hate the new rework i don't think its even that great. Q sucks, it doesn't do enough damage, has an even longer Cd and is a skill shot compared to the old one, the W suck's as well its pretty much a shitter version of the old one, no shield means you can't just jump in when you like and it also has a stupid high cd, his W isn't even worth it at this point, waiting 22 seconds to block a poration of incoming damage is just big of gap for you 2 die, i'd rather have my 3 shield stack's knowing i can tank certain amount of on coming hits then this stupid E. The ult is just trash, it doesn't land where its meant to land, takes to long to bloody even charge up, and has no impact on the fight what so ever. So until there is a fix, or some decent changes that make the champ fun again, i won't be touching this game. Only reason to play was because of panth and that's been %%%%ed in just one patch.
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