I have 43 win rate and i can't do anything about it...

I love League of Legends, its seriously my favourite game right now and the only thing i enjoy doing in the free time. even though i keep losing in this game, i still play it cuz its so fun. But why is my win rate so bad. I'm in silver 3 (was silver 2). been jumping up and down from these ranks like no tomorrow. I wouldn't say I'm the best player or anything but i play as good as i can every match and still we lose. still i get these teammates that doesn't understand basic LOL knowledge. they feed top, they never SS, they never help me kill the drake and rift herald before the enemy team gets it. they never go for the objective, they always get baited by the enemy cuz of their greediness for kills. they end up feeding the toplaner or jungler and then we can't do anything to stop them. LOL is a team game, and people seem to not understand that. I might actually quit LOL if this keeps happening. I'm just so tired of losing every single match I'm in, i am legit shaking overtime i jump in a ranked game now because i know that i will be matched with these same kinds of people again. and the worst part about it all is that i almost can't do anything about it. you can't carry a team full of feeders and trolls. it doesn't work How do i fix this crappy win rate? How do i win more?
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