climbing from low, to higher elo

hi guys, i just want to talk with you guys about climbing from low to high elo. im currently climbing from silver to gold. and im here to give u guys a couple of usefull tips ^^. 1) be sportsmanlike. flaming makes no sense at all and will make u angry and mad. this will eventually lead into losses and bad games. make sure that u dont blaim others, but look at ur own faults and missplays. 2)play ALOT of ranked. just playing a lot of ranked can help u. u can learn a lot from other players and the way the play in lane or jungle. 3) watch streams. this one is very interesting and made me an lee sin main. i watched alot of gripex streams and i learned so many things from him. i can say that im a good lee sin player. by watching streams from pro players, you can learn new play styles, and even new metas. 4) try to carry. even when someone is afk, try to carry and make the best of it. and of course is a 4v5 hard to win. but just try it and play the best you can. 5) play with friends. playing with friends can make you climb a lot easier. i am currently playing with 2 friends of mine, and we are climbing faster than ever before. you know your friends and you know their playstyle, so you can make huge plays in a teamfight. sorry for my shitty english, im still learning it ^^ hope this little guide helped you a bit! have a nice day :D ^^
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