Revert Edge of Night

Hey Riot I got a couple of question about the Aatrox rework....PLEASE REVERT EDGE OF NIGHT. I CAN'T PLAY THE FCKING GAME ANYMORE. I'M BEGGING YOU. Jokes aside, I for the life of me can't wrap my head around why the made Edge of Night's effect a passive. It's so much worse to use it's basically gone from like a "zhonya's" type of item in certain situations to a Banshee's which is 10000 times worse. I even liked to run Edge of Night on some ADCs if I was up against a Karthus or heck even Malphite. But now it honestly is far to RNG at times to properly serve that purpose of "Oh the enemy team has a big ability which could knock me out for good and this makes me immune to said ability" to "oh well I guess the first spell that hits doesn't affect me". But what do you guys think? Yay or Nay? P.S.: bonus points for peeps who get the meme

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