8/10 promo wins=silver 5

So, I finished season 5 in **silver 1** , won** 8/10** placement games and then get **SILVER 5**!!! I am sorry but i was honestly expecting gold 5, and i just cant believe how shit this system is!! Last season, after winning **4/10** of my promos (i was **unranked** before), i got placed in **silver 2**, which was way above my real level. And now, i am being placed far beneath my real level! I am so angry at RIOT for this absolutely broken and hazardous system and feel very **unfairly treated**_, In my eyes, the proof that their system is **faulty** and that they know it is that _they have never officially explained how it works in detail_. If anyone can offer me some kind of explanation as to why this happened to me or wants to share their experience with the community, please leave a comment.
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