Why the EU RP price hike is not Riot being greedy

For those of you that don't know, Riot will be changing the amount of RP you get for your Euro, effectively increasing the Euro price. I keep seeing this topic crop up again and again with people for and against it spreading the same misinformation. That Riot never adjusted for when the Euro was strong and that we will have to pay more than NA for RP. Both are wrong. For the last 5 years, $10 netted you 1380rp and €10 netted you 1780rp. This meant people buying rp with Euro were getting approximately 1.3 times the amount the people paying with dollars were getting, which was about the average exchange rate over those 5 years. **EU was _not_ paying more**. Riot are now changing it so €10 gets you 1580rp. This is approximately 1.15 times the amount you get for $10, *which is actually a better exchange rate than what we have at the moment* (1.07). This means with the proposed changes, **Euro customers will be getting slightly more rp than Dollar customers**. If the exchange rates change drastically enough, then we can complain Riot are taking advantage of us, but for the time being they are being more than fair. Don't believe me? You can check my maths yourself. Here's a table I wrote up: Price . . | RP Given | Price per RP | Price per RP in $ $10.00 | 1380 . . . | 0.007246 . . | 0.007246 **€10.00 | 1580 . . . | 0.006329 . . | 0.006804 ~NEW ** *€10.00 *|* 1780 . . . *|* 0.005618 . . *|* 0.006039 ~CURRENT (If Riot didn't change the price)* *Current exchange rate: €1 = $1.07(approx)* **Proof of exchange rate being an average of around €1=$1.30 over the past 5 years can be found here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Vtf2vNlYoSevab9z01_AWWd27xypLmMUJXJPzccUqMs/edit?usp=sharing** (generated using http://www.oanda.com/ )
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