im stuck in mid gold with my duo partner! help us!!

So to keep it short, we are adc/support main: main account: We win bot lane about 90% of the time unless we get 4 man ganked constantly... you see the problem is are mid game, when we take bot tower, we normally get drake and the mid tower... The real problem is the fact that are team is full of cocky players that think their gods, yet they have no knowledge of map rotations... meaning that me and my support are always forced to go mid with the team to defend... always leaving are bot and top being pushed in, when this happens we ping that im going to clear the waves... thats when sh!t starts hitting the fan, so some dude on are team thinks hes faker and engages the enemy 4v5 when we previously pinged that Im bot!.... this results in a lost teamfight and two mid towers destroyed when i simply went bot to protect my tower and get farm, If this doesnt happen, then during teamfights no one peels for me instead of my support, but that isnt good enough when theres 3 on top of me and whatever my team is doing, no matter how far i stay back, an irelia always manages to face dump me and 3 shot me i need tips into getting plat and possibly diamond!
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