I'm quitting League

After 5 years of rage inducing teammates, unbalanced champions and overpriced skins and overall bad design. I have finally found the braincells to know this game is bad for anyone with anger issues. I myself have broken a monitor , a mouse and punched 2 massive holes in my wall. In the 5 years of 30 - 60 minute games that I've played I could've studied more or invested time in other games. The time will come when that hour game will make someone so angry that they go past their breaking point and mark my words Riot, someday, maybe not today, maybe not even this year... One of your players will kill or hospitalise another player because the longer you play a downslide match the more your anger builds. I play overwatch aswell and I don't ever get as angry at any game as I do when I play this one. To all the nice players of this game that can keep their anger and tilt incheck, I hope the cancerious members of this game leaves so you can play in peace.
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