Normal Games, and my opinion of them...

**Hello there**, I just contacted _riot support_ addressing my problem and in my opinion, everybody else's problem with normal games. The problem is that whenever I turn on my normal game (I'm currently making a little pause with my ranked games) I get silver/gold players, while I'm platinum 3. The support told me that there are different MMR's for each gamemode which I think is pretty stupid. When I was silver, it was really frustrating facing a platinum player in the enemy team. Now while I'm making a pause in my ranked games, I only play normal games against silver/gold players, and my skill will definetly drop. So if anyone wants to "smurf" they can basically hop in a normal game, and boom, ur playing against silver/gold players. The _support_ told me that the developers thought that it would be best like this so our normal games don't intervene with our ranked MMR, but I think that it's pretty easy to make it so the "normal games MMR" doesn't intervene with our ranked games MMR. That is all. :D {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
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