Considered toxic?

In the past i've had accounts which I was pretty toxic on (this was normal in other games I played, but apparently this game isn't keen about competitiveness), so I got banned. Very unfortunate. Now, after a time I returned to this game and decided to try to be positive since a friend of mine told me they had made an option which made it possible to instant mute everyone and not be able to write. The biggest reason was because riot says you have '33% more win chance if you are positive', and since riot their statistics have proven to lack credibility often (yes they have, spare yourself the 'no they are amazing and always on point' argument), I decided to try it myself. I mean, why bother losing if I can actually win that way? So I ended up using this function and everything went well (I do not flame). I am now trying to be a bit more of a teamplayer by enabling the chat and saying stuff like 'Good job' when someone takes a kill and show my thumbs up icon when someone does something good. I usually try to say as minimum since everything is considered to be toxic in this game (yes, that is true, again, don't bother arguing it isn't, since I have read posts actually confirming the word 'report' is thrown in for basically everything you do). Last game however I had a very bad botlane, feeding like crazy and eventually dragged the team that was doing oke down in a state of 'feeding', since their botlane was pretty fed. I did not however flame or say anything bad. I gave credit where credit should've been given and I decided to also try to be constructive by telling my botlane to play a couple of more normals. When they asked me 'why', I told them so they could learn to sustain longer in lane, so I could gank them and they would be able to carry the game with the team. The reaction AFTER my constructive critism (even though I told them I had no intention of flaming, I was just trying to be constructive) was that 'You are going to be reported for flaming'. My question now is: What is considered flaming? And if I did flame, to what extend should I go into detail to make sure it's constructive and not 'flaming'? Quick little edit since somehow according to people in the comment section I am at fault for being 'flamed' at, in your own terms: This is how the chatlog looked like, keep in mind this is not quoted, but rather in the lines of what I remember was said (besides what I said, that is quoted.) The chatlog as I remember: Me: We can't win, bot is too fed. Caitlyn: You all feed (can't remember really what she said afterwards, something about me being some god and deserving to play ranked or something in a sarcastic way) Me: Caitlyn, maybe you should play a couple of normals, that way you learn to sustain longer in lane and I will be able to gank, so we can carry as a team. Me afterwards the sentence above: I am not flaming, I am trying to be constructive. Caitlyn: How are you constructive? You are flaming me, because you are telling me I am feeding and not what I should do to change this (bare in mind this is not a quote). Me: I told you earlier you were feeding and to play a couple of normals so you learn to sustain in lane, how is that not constructive? Caitlyn: _Saying some toxic things to me._
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