A Rant about how bad Riot Banning system is.

First of all this is the ONLY game in my entire life that i hate and love in the same time. I Love how it feels different every couple of months. I love how it is so competitive, It is actually fun! I Love how the game changes by simply changing your role. I love how this game is Amazingly fun when played with friends, either for fun or trying our best to win. I can keep going on and on and it wouldn't be enough for me to express my love to this Amazingly Crafted game! Now to the few yet huge things that makes me hate this game. Well of course you know what it is Toxicity. The game has such an enormous toxic fan base. From Feeders to Flamers, There are too many kinds of Toxicity in this game it is actually Disgusting. Riot is a MONEY HUNGRY SHIT OF A COMPANY!! Now i got that out of the way. Instead of Riot fixing the game they make event skins and stuff like that. They are NEGLECTING the fact their reporting system is absolute garbage. How bad is it you say? Well let me show you. someone says: Stupid, Blind, Idiot, Noob, %%%%%%, any of the 'Lower Slurs' Riot banning bot (Which i hate because it doesn't do the job right fyi) : *sleeps* someone says: %%% Riot banning bot: 2 Weeks ban. Really %%%%ING Really!??! A company that makes MILLIONS of dollars a year (These %%%%s got 1 billion dollars of transactions in **2014**) So you shit of a company better start making an Actual Banning system. Note: Top lane is as bad as your Banning system.
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