How does a yasuo 1v1 this twitch? (video)

BEFORE you dislike, tell me why you disagree and tell me what twitch could of have done better 2/6 yasuo , with Phantom dancer{{item:3046}} and a Juarims Fist {{item:3052}} Against a 6/6 twitch with IE {{item:3031}} zeal{{item:3086}} a {{item:3006}} and two daggers???{{item:1042}} / {{item:1042}} I mean he missed his Tornado AND ULTI, meanwhile twitch pretty much dumps everything on him apart from his venom cask, Further more Yasuo doesnt even use his windshield apart from the very start against twitchs Venom cask... You are awarding players that cant land jack sh!t :( I guess you can say: "Adc in 2k16 lul"

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