Riot, will we ever get a cute league girl again?

The last one we got was Syndra, and she is over 3 years old now. What about the girls we got after Syndra? Let's break them down. Elise -> spiders ewwww. Vi -> Virgin Visexual Violent Vicious Violet. no thanks. Quinn -> I honestly thought she was a boy at first. Lissandra -> How old is she and why does she look like a fucking hammer shark? Jinx -> just a crackhead. also needs nerfs. Kalista -> fucking kangaroos. Rek'sai -> ... Kindred -> furries... Illaoi -> I also thought she was a guy at first. Tristana & Poppy Reworks -> Fucking smurfs. On the other hand, Sivir is actually pretty. --- Now, what makes a Female champion good? Well, look at Syndra. + Cute face. + Thin but not too thin. + Nice rack. + Big thighs. + Floats around. + Plays with Balls. - Wayyyyyy too obsessed with Power. - Wtf is up with her hairdress? To be honest, it's unfair to compare the other girls to Syndra as she is strictly better in every single regard. Look at Leona however. \+ Beautiful Hair. \+ Cute face. \+ Thin but not too thin. \+ Nice rack. + Badass Armor. + Has decent Morals. + Looks older and wiser than most, but isn't 300 fucking years old. - You can't stare at her too long. - Why the fuck does she fight on heels? - She keeps going in when her own adc is at fucking 10 hp. For fuck sake Leona, what the fuck is wrong with you.
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