What kind of dumb things did you do when you began League?

League of Legends was the first MOBA I ever played. I didn't know much about it except for one or two champions, like {{champion:103}} or {{champion:222}} . Like every beginner in League, I began with** Coop vs AI**. Pretty standard stuff. I was that new to this type of game that I found the _"Intermediate"_ level actually difficult. Yikes. Then, after acquiring all the summoners spells available, me and my premade decided to play some **PvP**. We chose {{champion:498}} and {{champion:497}} since they were designed to be played together. First dumb thing we did because we didn't know better : we always took double {{summoner:7}} botlane. We did that with the following logic in our head : _"If we have double heal, we have super sustain in lane! Double heal and we'll be out of trouble!"_ Little did we know that once you've healed, the next Heal will be **reduced**, which makes it **not worth it.** Second, we had no idea that the support was supposed to give **all** the farm to the ADC. So we ended up fighting for the farm. ( not like arguing, more like : _"that minion is mine! >:D"_ ) One time I was support and picked {{champion:497}} , and my premade was {{champion:28}}. They were playing jungle as they got autofilled, thus me ending up supporting an {{champion:22}}. Everything was fine and dandy until I hit and killed a few minions. {{champion:22}} started pinging me, and me,** completly clueless**, asked what I was doing wrong. She wasn't clear about it, but I understood that she didn't want me to touch the minions. Which made me a little upset, although I said nothing. _"How rude of her to tell me to just stand there and do nothing."_ was what I was thinking at the time. Now that I look back, I guess it was my fault for lacking knowledge, but she could have explained to me why the support doesn't kill the minions. Oh well. :D And you, do you remember anything dumb you've done when you began playing League of Legends? {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
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