Is elo hell real?

Now before you guys say "GIT GUD KID" ITS NOT UR TEAM, ITS YOU! Yes yes, i know this, I'm not complaining about anything, but I find it rather interesting to see this happening.. So, there are some players like me, I'm sure, who don't have a very good luck, and probably get bad teammates every single game, and i mean EVERY single game, while you see that 0/10 lucian in the enemy team saying "gg ez". So my question is, how come I never get to be that 0/10 lucian and still win a game? I do try my hardest to carry my team, (don't judge me by going to my profile, I play on 5 different smurfs) so why is it that I am always the one 20/3 and my team all so useless to the point that I'm literally 1v9, like my damage is not only more than my whole team, but my team literally does 0 damage. Now this doesn't happen all the time, but it does happen quite often to me. Also I am not use to ever being carried, I always carry my team. So is this some sort of problem? Because I suffer the same fate in normal games where i try to have fun, but end up against level 7 yasuo tryharders destroying my casual team and spamming his level 7 emote. Yet again, did you notice I said **casual** team? Yes, my team are usually never the tryharders. They play stuff like lee and yasuo bot, ya know, fun!...BUT THE ENEMY TEAM, would usually play according to meta and totally destroy my poor team. So tell me guys, why can't I be that 0/10 lucian that actually gets carried? I have been playing league since 4 years, and since the past 6 months, i have yet to have a team carry me, even in normal games.
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