Lets talk about URF

So where do i start , well first thing off it would be i would like URF back i mean the regular URF not some ARURF that isn't fun even if it has the cooldown reduced its not fun for me at least and for some other people it isn't as fun as it used to be 2014- 2015 URF then it was the best thing So.. What Riot games could do but i doubt there might be a chance that they would even look at this post People who want to play ranked its fine they can keep playing it but for me ranked is just grinding and grinding for higher elo its just is not fun anymore it was not you get frustrated all the time you have to sit all 45+ min in 1 match even if we are winning the game it feels boring its everyday routine doesn't sound fun main reason i am wondering to quit league but URF URF is different its fast, fun , enjoyable Riot games should take some tips from battle royale games its fast fun you die you start over but its still not like league you have to stay at same match for 35-45+ min in ranked ( in URF you would stay for 20 min or more but it would be fun ) If this thing would happen it would be like normal gamemode and ranked separate groups of people what they like to play it wouldn't change anything players would come back they would enjoy URF have fun even if you are losing in urf its not frustrating at least for me it was in 2014-2015 when URF was just a good old URFi enjoyed it all 1.Make URF a permanent gamemode 2.Test how it would go with the flow (of course its fast and fun) Let me know what you guys think i enjoyed URF when it was just an good old URF , Normal , Ranked are decent but not enjoyable and frustrating as hell because you have to stay for some time with teammates that are toxic. {{summoner:4}} out
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