that nasty skin 'gap', random ranting + chatter because honestly I just like rambling on~

Do people still just chatter here and somewhat ignore that rule about no personal discussions by 'technically' discussion game related stuff and letting anyone join in? Are boards rules even those I remember? Now I feel bad for not reading up but kinda don't regret it... Either way, I had a point coming here... eeh.. yeah! So I recently got more and more of that awful experience of when you have all skins for a champion (usually your main) and whenever a new skin comes out you'll sit in champ select, staring at that 1 'gap' of a still locked skin and slowly getting triggered by it. I remember frequently buying a skin I barely use just to fill that gap, which sounds really stupid now that I say it out loud but I still consider it worth it. Anyone who can feel me here? :( (And don't get me started about Prestige skins. I don't care about their pricing or whatever but some of them do end up drawing a line of what I'm not ready to commit to use like twice and have a gap filled. xD) ------------------------------- Now that I got that bit out of my system to the more important bits: How are all of you board denizens (posters and lurkers, although I guess expecting a reply of latter is.. well) doing on this lovely - but not really lovely cus it's rainy here - Tuesday evening? I wanted to say I got some nice tea but I just realized that I interrupted the process of getting that with this post, so: I soon will get some tea and make myself a snugly evening, eager to hear a bit about how your things are going and how people stand to league these days, as I myself spent less time on it recently but am looking to get into casual play again. (Casual play aka dragging well meaning friends into normals only to have them ask the inevitable question of... there are too many that depend on context.. but something like "Why the fluff are you running Kleptomancy on Lux?" Nuff of that though, how are all of you doing? And though no one will know my new name now (feeling like a secret spy, hehe), are some of the older regulars still 'round? :o
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