League is not dying. My opinion

NB: This post is going to be long, if you want to discuss about it, please read it entirely, not only the two paragraphs that seems nice, or bad to you. Also this is my personal opinion and If you dont agree with me its fine, but try to bring concrete arguments so we can debate about it. I am tired of seeing posts, videos and complains about how league of legends is dying, how league of legends became a trash game over the years, how Fortnite is going to be the future. Almost every time that I see a post on this forum it is to complain about the game, whether about the champion that are being released, the balance of those champions, the meta, skins, toxicity or even the loots/hextech crafting/events. Everybody is complaining always, about something, it is a trend, to call this game garbage. I saw a video where a guy was complaining about Galio, WW, and Urgot reworks, when they were champions that nobody played before, this is just being dishonest. What you guys need to understand is that the human being will always find something to complain about. Dont change the game, and people will get bored and move on to another game, change the game people dont like it because they want to have the same feeling they had when they started playing. Buff assasins, adc mains will cry, nerf assasins, assasins main will cry. Buff tanks, people will call it league of tanks, buff junglers people will spam better jungler wins. Try to come up with new ideas and new rank system to improve the player's experience, people will not like it and write on reddit to show their frustration. Most of the time people dont even understand something or it has no impact what so ever in their low elo games but they want to do like their favorite streamer, Tyler1 or hashinsin or Iwilldominate or W/e so they start talking about something that doesnt even exist in low elo. I mean common guys, Riot is not a perfect company but none of us is. We all make mistakes, and yeah sure sometimes, something really stupid and non sens come out in the Live server, and you ask yourself what is riot balance team doing. But thats not a reason to shit in the hand that is feeding you. Most of us play this game hours and hours a day or week and yet the only thing we do is complain. Nobody is forced to play this game, if you are bored of it just uninstall. Most of the time people just talk about the bad things, but when we get really cool stuff (that could be improved still) no one gives a shit. We had the new honor system, the event and missions that give you free extra blue essence, free skins and chests, reworked runes (that some people apparently didnt like and quit the game because of it) The sad part is that a lot of people pretend to LOVE this game, how can you love something or being passionate about it and quit league forever because you got R by Cho'gath and eventually one shot by this tank. How is it possible to quit a game youve played for year for such minor reason. Not to mention that the meta is always changing and what is strong this patch will eventually get nerfed the patch after, etc. This is what makes league fun for me, it is a game that is in constant change, I am playing this game for now 2 years and half, which is nothing compared to veteran players but yet I can remember so many metas, and changes, so many ways to play and win. I know a lot of people that are quiting league, but I also know a lot of people that started the game recently, and they are enjoying it. But yet we never mention those people. League is not dying, it will die one day ofc but we are no where near this point. If you take PUBG as an example people stopped playing the game because of fortnite but also because the developers stopped updating regularly the game, on LoL we have a new patch every month or so, it keeps the game fresh and it doesnt feel like an old game because Riot always rework old champ, old items, old mechanics, etc. A game like Fortnite, as popular as it is, will never be played for as long as League, because it will be repetitive at one point, and it is already starting to be. That's why Epic is coming with new weapons, jetpacks, and try to include fancy things that are really hated by the community, and then remove them 1 patch later. This shows you how they cant develop this game undefinetely, at some point a new game will be released and will kill Fortnite, for League it is not that easy, it is a hell of a complete game, with insane amount of stuff in it. There is always a challenge to get, as you will never be the best on the server, or a guy that master every single champion, or every single role. You can always improve by playing league and this what makes it an incredible competitive game. Now let's talk a bit about esports, League is what made me watch Esports, enjoy it and be ready to spend money to go watch my favorite team, the emotions that brings a game are just insane, i would never have believed that watching people play a video game will get me as much sensations as watching a real sport. Riot events are just incredible, they built a whole community around, with casters, pro players and teams that a lot of us love enjoy wacthing. It's really hard for another game to get to this point, just look at Fortnite I watched a competitive tournament of Fortnite in France at the Dreamhack, it was a joke. It's literally 50% luck, and at the end of the game they are like 10 people in a super small circle, how can it be "professional level" with these conditions? LoL is miles away from other games when it comes to Esports, and considering Esports is the future of the gaming industry, Riot is right to focus a lot on their pro scene. My biggest point in this post is to tell you that it not possible to satisfy every person in this game, it is not possible to perfectly balance every single champion as well and that is why there is a ban system, a draft pick that allows you to first pick a strong champ or something and then swap with your mates. There is always a way to counterplay, you can always pick a champion that is strong vs the strongest pick of the moment. It is not possible to monitor every single player to avoid toxicity and even if you manage to do so, I bet 40% of the player base at least will complain about how they are stalked, and how unfair their ban was, etc. The community complain about the players and how toxic this game has become, what is the solution to that ? Is that Riot's fault if the community is toxic? It became a trend to be toxic lets be honest, people are creating and praising toxic famous players or clubs like L9, acting like "Yeah fck Rito, we are thugs" like if they were criminals saying "fck the police". It is just pathetic to see that in a video game. But once again how can we fix that, do you think its that easy to avoid toxicity? In fact its not, toxicity will always exist if you anonymous, it exists everywhere on the internet, and in online video games, not only in LoL. And why does it matter at the end you have the great option to mute everyone and even their emotes. How about soft inting? You know those players who volutarily make you loose the game without making it obvious, do you think a bot can detect such thing, how do you distinguish a bad player from a soft inter? Its not possible to manually review every single game played, there are millions of games played or more per year /season. Its sad ofc but it happens to everyone so ironically it makes it fair, because we all get at one point inted, or trolled, so at the end there is a balance as sometimes the troll wil be on your team and other times it will be in the enemy team and it will give you back the LP you unfairly lost. Now of course this is democracy, we are all free to share our opinions and im not pointing out people that complain about something for a reason. You can make a post on the forum and expose your arguments and we will all talk about it, but no need to be like "fck Rito garbage game ADC changes sucks, i uninstall" this is just childish. When you criticize something, at least bring new ideas, and criticize if there is a valid reason, not for something useless. Yes I wish I could get more fragment keys because im Honor 4 and I feel like I dont get rewarded enough for being at this honor level, but im not going to cry about it, especially because its not a must its free loot/reward and it is an extra thing. Its like going to the restaurant having a good meal, and then criticize the free tea offered by the restaurant. I hope you guys understood my point, Just wanted to clarify some things and remind everyone that an online game, with an insane amount of things to know about, champions, roles, etc can not perfectly be balanced all the time, and please to everyone. Have a good day.
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