This is a shameful story

I sort of regret having done this, and it was something I shared among my real friends and never really here. There's a post just below this one that says "lf egirl to duo with" and that inspired me to write this. So I was in my late teens back when I started in season 4 on NA server, using Ashe W on towers thinking it did damage. And as a new player, I had a bunch of mean comments towards me, which was unnatural for me as an MMO player. So I had the genius idea of pretending to be a girl. If I was a girl, surely the guys would be nicer to me! So I went around telling people I'm a girl, and surely enough, it was working 80-90% of the time. I was content with this idea. Then I had a bunch of friend requests which I accepted, and some guys who were flirting and duo-ing with me (and defending me in game) I was just enjoying the game! I didn't take the whole girl thing too seriously. It's super easy to be like "Thanks~ ^-^ you're so nice" And damn. One guy was pretending to be some sort of James Bond to woo me, and the other bought me skins. That's where this story is leading to. He bought me skins. He used his mom's credit card and spammed me with those Mystery Skin gifts. Because, "I really want the Snowdown Katarina skin T_T". So he took it upon himself to make sure I get it. And I got it in the end. Then he sent me his real picture, and I sent him one back by googling "Pretty Blond Girl Selfie". He confessed his feeling to me, and kept giving me skins. I wasn't asking him to, but he kept giving them anyways. I did the maths back then it was well over $500 in skins (most through mystery gifts so he spent a bit less of course). Anyways, since on NA my ping was a stable 350, I switched to EUW. I couldn't bring myself to tell those guys I'm a guy, for like 5-6 months. After I switched to EUW, my old username was my fake facebook name. They searched the internet for that username and found my facebook and asked me if I was the girl, which I didn't reply to. I don't think it's a cool story, or 'look how clever I am', especially now that I'm older I count this as a total theft of some sort and would never do it in my life. But yeah, to the guy who is looking for an e-girl to duo with, this story goes out to you.
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