TARIC REWORK !? [The mysterious teasers ...]

Hey , I've realized this , I don't know it is shared or not before but I just wanted to share ; I noticed that **lightning** sound is similiar to Taric's ult sound. And also Taric says ; **"Emerald for intutions" "Opal for harmony" "Ruby for crispness" " Sapphire for peace"** So ; Garen = Ruby Zed = Emerald Sona = Opal Vi = Sapphire ----- Is it possible !? A Taric rework may come instead of Shen ? You know , also we were awaited for Taric rework too. Oh and also , a Taric rework concept ; http://apollo-na-uploads.s3.amazonaws.com/1426902539116/league_of_legends__taric_visual_update_concept_by_ariss18-d88hblq.png
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