I have been checking the PBE a lot and I saw all the videos explaining the new season and I am quite sure most of the changes are final for the upcoming patch. The thing that I feel like isn't fair: We will now get Blue Essence instead of IP, the only way we will receive BE is through leveling up and disenchanting the CHAMPION shards that we get. The video said that it might take up to 25 games to level up, so if we receive a skin instead of a champion shard after we level up that means we get 0 BE after playing up to 25 games. Shouldn't we at least get some bonus BE if we end up getting a skin? I feel like it would be extremely slow compared to the current system. I know we get 2 shards sometimes but only sometimes. Especially now with the new things in the shop we can buy with BE I see a reason why we should get more BE instead of less. EDIT: The patch hit the live servers today and I managed to level up to 31. It took me 11 games to do so even when using the XP boost mission. I did get a CHAMPION capsule after leveling up but still not enough essence to cover the 11 games I played. Shouldn't we get more BE somehow? And this raises my question after the level up today: Can we actually get skin shards from leveling up since the capsule was called "Champion Capsule"?
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