League of legends Chat logs: "Sent to CHAOS" and "Sent to ORDER"

As some of you may know, you are able to download your league of legends account data from riot, after submitting a ticket and waiting 30 days. I decided to have a look at mine and opened mine today, and one of the folders includes files of your chat logs. In my chat logs, on the "Sent to" line, I have 3 different changes on it. Some chats will say " "sentTo" : "ORDER", " Others will say : " "sentTo" : "CHAOS", " and finally the rest will say " "sentTo" : "All", " The only thing I can think of is the league event of Riven Vs Yasuo, but that doesn't seem likely. Unless the Red and Blue teams are called CHAOS and ORDER? I'm not sure, the only reasonable one I can think of is the Red and blue teams having those names, what are your thoughts?
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