I honestly miss the under 30th level days. Very much.

First champion i played with actual people vs. bots was Annie and i had no idea what i should build so i bought boots or something like that.. Until i realized that Annie is a "mage" and that there is Ability Power and Attack Damage Power. I remember going to the bot lane and a Syndra on the mid lane started saying "Nice AP Annie". I really didn't feel anything wrong with this nor was i introduced to flaming or the depths of the community as well. So i went back and bought some AP item which i can't remember, all i know is that i had 20 AP and i wrote very seriously : "Is this better?" . Mind you, this was 4.5 years ago.. ***** **EDIT : Since that day, i am ALWAYS playing Annie and never stopped playing her. I am an OTP now.**
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