this feels extremely bad...

I'm a positive player, i almost never flame and get honor quite often. i did this way before the new honor system. Sadly i lose honor ratings for things i can't really help.. Just like just earlyer i start up a game and call support. There is a blitzcrank that just locks in blitz in the last second and doesnt even communicate about what lane he is taking. At this point i can't switch up runes and am forced to dodge the game. It's kind of sad that people can get away with instalocking yet i lose my ratings and get a que timer of 5 minutes... i just wish there was a way for instalockers to be punished but right now it's just extremely rewarding and completely %%%%s over people that actually try.. i mean instalocking is one thing but atleast communicate with your team and call a lane {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} it just feels bad that there isn't really a way to deal with instalockers
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