Final thoughts and a goodbye.

**First** let me say, that this is my own opinion you can disagree and agree with as you wish. Just don't spew hate. **Secondly**, I know you don't care about this post (or me) but I have to just post this to get it off my chest. Another point I can't emphasize enough - This is not a Riot hate thread (or at least it's not trying to be), realize that caring and loving something means sometimes giving it harsh criticism. Downvote me if you want. Upvotes aren't the reason I am posting this. **And lastly**, this is one of my favorite games that I ever played and I don't regret investing this much time into it. I have played this game since 2012. So a long ass time. I have many accounts across EUNE and EUW. I have loved this game so much and to an extent I love it still, but I can't keep playing it. It's turning me into a toxic individual and it's hurting me. Now to begin: **First let me say some good things riot has done or created recently:** *MOST* of the skins released are really cool to look at and are designed by very creative and good people. Skin lines like Blood moon and Project. Elementalist Lux (i know *groan* lux 50 skins). KDA is really good too. Lore has been interesting to read and invest yourself in *MOST* of the reworks are done with proper care and thought, sticking to the original concept but adding new and playable mechanics. Nunu, Warwick, Pantheon, Morde... Teamfight tactics was a surprise, even though they are following the trend, the game mode is fun. And yes I am calling it a game mode since it is still tied to the client and isn't a separate game. Cinematics and music team all great. Some memorable short cinematics and memorable songs across the board. **Now let's move on to the bad things:** RIOT abandoning the game In my opinion they really stopped caring for League some time ago and are looking for other things to do or other money make projects. As is evidenced with the mobile game (i won't even try to deny that, they are obviously doing it for the money) and the reasons stated below: * Focus on money making (prestige skins and general "events", lootboxes/battlepass I guess?) * TFT coming out. Lack of focus on the MOBA. * No PVE events and the lack of general content besides balance changes and skins. (do this 10 times missions don't count, or the get 12k cs as a team, it's not interesting or creative, it's just there to try to make you play the game...) * Where is nexus blitz? * Twisted treeline 3v3 - which I've played a decent amount is shutting down this season. (rip dominion, gone but never forgotten) * Arams no changes or any events. * Eternals coming soon, which is gonna be yikes if not done right. We all know what kind of games come out of that company, so we're all equally scared. "You all have phones right?" **IN MY OPINION**, they're honestly just making skins and "balancing" the game to keep it alive as long as possible so they can milk the last bit of life and money left in league. Each new champion is more overloaded than the next and yet they are all forgotten after a week. I have seen qiyana maybe once or twice, in ranked and normals, since she was released. Now compare that to previous memorable releases. Remember Jhin and how incredible the design was? Remember (my first main and penta) Kalista? Remember Kayn, Zed, Bard, Yasuo and so many others that felt unique and actually fun to play? Latest reworks and champions show only overloaded kits on release that are almost always easily forgotten and unplayable within a few weeks. From either being nerfed to the ground or just perma banned. Akali? Irelia? **Oof.wav** Let's not even mention the **technical incompetence**. Client like always is shit. Slows down your machine (even though it shouldn't), bugs are often and slowly fixed both client and in game, you have to re click shop and loot 5 times for it to finally open or straight up show you the error. Exiting a finished match is a gamble and a slow process so people either resort to alt + f4 before the game actually ends (which breaks your client sometimes) or waiting for the continue button which is slow and can bug out. Stuck in waiting for stats, or the game is still being played after ending the game. I mean most are fixed by a simple client relaunch but did it really come down to that? Restarting the client takes a few tries and sometimes requires killing the process in task manager to actually work... In 2019? Please. In game bugs are starting to appear more often too or maybe its just me. I seem to recall in a riot video they mentioned a mysterious new system was implemented that should allow them to fix problems easier, now I see that meant they will shut down the servers frequently to apply "bug fixes". That just means introducing new bugs while not really fixing old ones. (which is funny because you can't login right now, bugged lol) I've played this game for a long long time. Since 2012. I've had such a huge passion to play back in season 5 and 6, but now its just gone. I remember days where I would only play one game, and that game is league of legends. I would play it for 5 or 6 hours straight per day just to learn, climb the ladder and have fun. Watching guides, youtube content, practicing, even getting coached. But right now I hate playing it more than I like playing it. I have multiple accounts with a rank on EUNE and EUW together. I used to level them all together when the game was fun, and I wouldn't mind jumping between them because the game felt really good to play. I even stopped following youtube channels and twitch streamers that play league. They used to be fun to watch, but now they aren't, not really their fault. Same goes for the Esport scene. However, in my very not so humble opinion, Arams are the only fun game mode left (for the most part) and you can't have fun often without bringing a friend. Sometimes you find that rare game in summoners rift, where the ranked game is competitive and fair it comes to an intense 50 minute match of back and forth, both teams fighting to win that juicy LP. Those games are super fun and enjoyable to both teams. In the post game chat you only see "good game well played" and "wow this was an awesome match, well played all of you" while both parties move on to the next match hoping it would be the same. But it won't. These matches are far too in between to keep you playing the game. Which brings me to this point. A crucial understanding of the situation that I am in with this game. **I don't know why I have it installed on my computer anymore.** I am frustrated playing it. And for every good match, there are 10 bad ones. I am more and more frustrated after every match. I have tried taking a break but it boils down to the same issue. Taking a break gives me some patience left to play it but the dreadful feeling comes back soon. Community doesn't help that much, since it feels like nobody cares anymore about being banned, and Riot seems to not care either. The toxicity is highest it's ever been. It's not policed enough by riot just look at the recent win trading fiasco in NA high ladder. NOBODY CARES ANYMORE ABOUT RANKED. Nobody is willing to shut up anymore and play to the end of the match to win. People just give up and wait for another game. They lost any care for the game. I realize bugs are common and not easy to fix and monitor with a player base this big. With that being said, I am probably uninstalling league after that last "unable to login bug" straw. It didn't kick me out a match or made me lose my lp or anything like that. It was just a last straw. How a multi milion dollar company has this much technical incompetence this year I do not know. The poor state of the client *for years* and all these little buggy things is just making me constantly more and more mad. But I know all of you don't care about me so I am ending this. I just have to let it all out, at least to someone. After 7 years of playing this amazing game, it has finally come to this. Me, leaving. Thank you for all of the good memories and friendships that are still holding together which you gave me. Thank you for all this time and giving me escapism when I needed it. I will never forget the first time I got out of bronze and how amazing that felt or that time you finally think you mastered the champion you wanted to master only to fail the next match and realize you have a lot to learn still. Thank you for all the countless hours of fun. It has been a beautiful journey. But I am disappointed that this is the way I go. However, I do not regret a single moment I have put in this game except the last few weeks/months. Summoners, I hope you have fun. I will probably hover around for some time with this game. Maybe play some TFT until I uninstall, watch League from the distance and then finally let it go and completely uninstall. Hope you have a good time in this game, like I had. "Run like the wind, always by my side." - Happy wind man Goodbye -sad amumu irl
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