Why would you do hurt yourself so much?

I just cooked myself a spicy meal and I can't handle the heat. It's so %%%%ing spicy, you can't imagine. My body shivers, my hands and cheeks are tingling like cracy. My lips went numb. I can't breathe properly. And of course my mouth and throat hurts. The best thing is I just took one bite and my plate is still full of food. But I just can't. I don't want anymore. I regret having cooked that meal. what the %%%% was I thinking. %%%% me man. Oh no, while writing this my ears began tingling aswell. Has anyone experience with spicy food? In case you are wondering, the sauce I made the meal with has a rating over 2 million on the scoville scale. https://heatonist.com/products/hot-ones-the-last-dab?variant=378416136201 Help me, I am dying. > ##Recipe to my meal: > I boiled some water, seasoned it with salt and threw noodles in it. I cooked them like it's mentioned on the packaging. Then heated some oil in a pan, threw two spoons of The Last Dab and a serving of noodles in the pan and cooked them. Done. There nothing more to it than that xd - Update: My right leg is tingling too. - Update: I can't feel my face anymore. - Update: My throat didn't hurt anymore, so I took another bite. Now it hurts again. - Update: I am feeling cold. Is that good or bad? - Update: I got an upvote. Why would you upvote a shitpost like this? - Update: My leg tingles not anymore and my throat doesn't hurt anymore again. I guess I take another bite. - Udpate: Another upvote. This post has 3 upvotes now. I guess people like how I document my pain. - Update: My face began tingling again. My arms are tingling too. - Update: I took another bite, the tingling became worse. - Update: I already drank a litre of orange juice. It doesn't help whatsoever. I would drink milk, but I have no milk at home. - Udapte: I am laughing all the time, also I curse alot to toward my screen. I think I am losing my mind. - Update: 5 upvotes. Damn suffering gives you attention. - Update: I wont take any more bites. My whole body except back and legs are tingling. The thingliing is extreme. I don't think I should - go further. - Update: I feel like my whole body has a cramp, but I can still move normally. But for whatever reason I feel healthy. - Update: The tingling became a little bit less worse. For 10 minutes now I am tingling nostop. - Update: Besides the tingling, I feel good. I think I take another bite. - Update: My back is tingling too now. But surprizingly enaugh another bite didn't make my mouth and throat hurt again. I take another bite. - Update: My mouth hurts again, but not my throat. - Update: Despite the pain and tingling, I feel suprizingly healthy. Like, I feel like I could run a marathon. - Update: Someone downvoted. 4 upvotes has this post now. Someoen realized I am seeking attention. - Update: To test if I am really that fit I made some push ups. While doing pushups I felt no tingles, only on my forearm. That being said, I am not really much more fit. I just realized, maybe I feel fit because I am breathing havily. - Update: I got 5 upvotes again :) - Update: The tingles became much less extreme from one minute to the other. My back isn't tingling anymore. Also my mouth doesn't hurt anymore. I take another bite. - Update: I formatted the updates better to make it more readable. - update: 7 upvotes. Man this post is a better upvote farming tool that I anticipated. - Update: The tingles went down significantly. I take another bite. - Update: 8 upvotes. - Update: _**I am suffering for 30 minutes now. It's pretty fun to be honest. I would recommend it.**_ - Update: I take another bite. - Update: Only my hands are tingling anymore. My mouth hurts again. I am still breathing havily. - Update: I wanted to do push ups again, as it made the tingles go away while I was doing push ups. But I couldn't do one. I feel weak, exhausted. I don't feel fit and healthy anymore. - Update: I feel sick. But I do not feel that I have to puke. I don't know if I should take another bite. My meal is still 3/4 of it's original serving. - Update: I don't feel hungry at all, despite having not eaten one thing this day, except those few bites of my meal. - Update: I added the recipe of my meal, in case you want to do it for yourself. - Update: My left leg tingles now. Not the right one like before, but the left one. - Update: The tingling in my left leg stopped. - Update: I feel good again. My mouth hurts and nothing is tingling. My lips are still numb. - Update: I take another bite. - Update: I have a hickup now. A strong one like when you eat raw peppers. - Update: My left leg tinglded again for a few secods. I still have a hickup. - Update: 9 Upvotes. Can we reach 10? kappa - Update: I am not breathing havily anymore. My right foot is tingling. - Update: I feel like I have heartburn. - Update: My foot isn't tingling anymore. My left leg tingled for a few seconds. - Update: My hickup wont stop. Also I feel so god damn weak. - Update: _**1 hour. I am suffering for 1 hour now.**_ - Update: To be honest, till now it was pretty fun. Now I just don't want to do anything. - Update: I feel sad. - Update: Yay! 10 upvotes! MOM I DID IT!! - Update: I feel very sick. Like as if I would have the flu. Also the hickup won't stop. It's annoying me quite a bit. - Update: Edited the recipe and made it look better. - Update: Honestly I am disappointed. The tingling was scary, like really really scary because I have never felt something like this, adrenalin you know? But now I just have this stupid hickup. - Update: More than half of the meal is left, but I don't want to eat anymore. I feel like I've eaten a whole cow, that's how full I am feeling. I throw on some YouTube videos and hope the hickup disappears eventually. Other than the hickup and a slight pain in my lips, I feed okay, I guess (If you count feeling miserable and wanting to die as being okay). - Update: My hickup became significantly slower, which makes it more annoying. - Update: I feel very very tired. Honestly I don't want continuing updating this thread anymore, that's how tired I feel. I just want to lie in bed and be a human potato. - Update: I start getting my will to live back. My hickup became faster though. - Update: **1 hour and 20 minutes later**, I feel quite okay compared how I felt just a few minutes ago. I feel way more happy know. - Update: Downvote. This post has a total of 9 upvotes now. - Update: I am burping quite alot. My hickup is still there. - Update: I start to have a feeling in my lips again. But now my stomach feels like it burns. - Update: My stomach burns quite alot. And I still burb many times. My hickup also doesn't want to go away. - Update: **1 hour and 30 minutes**, I feel like it's the second worse phase. It's not as miserable as 10 to 20 minutes ago, but definetely far less fun than when I had all the tingles over my whole body. - Update: I know that in an update during the "tinglephase" I said I recommend this, but I feel so miserable now I don't know if it's worth it. Probably not. - Update: I kind of start forgetting that I have a hick up. - Update: I am going to take a shower. I feel like I need it. - Update: I took a bath instead, because I just don't have the energy to do something other than breathe. At this time, **2 hours after I took the first bite** I am nothing but a pile of laundry. - Update: I moved the recipe up, as I made quite alot of updates. - Update: I am done with updating this post. I think from now on I will very slowely get better over time, but nothing major will happen. So in case you are wondering, if you eat extremely spicy food, you'll suffer for quite a long time. {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}} - Update: I have diarrhea :(
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