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PS: This is one of the few times I played to win, knowing I was gonna lose since min 5, hence why the early screenshots. (because matchmaking is that easy to predict and broken). https://gyazo.com/c801ff698efc303fe513c2c2e9495a7d https://gyazo.com/eec5ab263e84d728bab074f0bc377f58 https://gyazo.com/f51e0032d1f5841166746e9f1d472254 https://gyazo.com/5b1e264b92b484cc3b3de9d25d153390 https://gyazo.com/df95dd180e89cf98ca5f1f348e9a0348 Now you tell me how is this called balanced matchmaking. Level 10 when my team mates at 5. 81 cs when my team mates have 20. 4/1 kda when my team mates ALL fed 0/4. Balance? Am I playing 1vs1 game? I thought league of legends was 5vs5. Matched with players at your level? Does it look like?
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