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i seen in this article the votes on some topics can really estomp people to visit some topics and read about them ... , which in teory means more much toxicity , some people chase others to down rate idk , i feel like everything i say is downrated ,somehow when i discuss about behaviour system. Could Riot remove the votes on topic ,i mean it only brings more toxicity , i don't do articles for votes neither discuss my problems to take negative votes on my honest opinnion , is just really not feeling a neutre zone where you can write your ideeas and let people read them , is not okey to share those votes over topics ,some people get influenced by how many negative votes been there or positive votes ,everyone should share his opinnion rather than just vote up or down and not even share an answer to what he read. Or if you want to really help out spread more much positivity and neutral thoughts , you should accord votes to upper the topic , than just negative hit it , in this way you learn people to share opinnion rather than just leave a vote .. , and also if someone feels the need to express itself about an article it would be forced to write not just to give it a note and go away to the next topic .
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