Victorious Aatrox???

Dear respected riot, I just wanna ask, why are you giving Aatrox a victorious skin? Do you know the entire league community is going upset over this? Literally nobody is in favor of this skin. It's your 10th anniversary and you just ruined the entire hype for players with that skin. Look at the league of legends board reddit etc, every is upset with thiss skin. Please you still have some time, give a skin to more deserving adc instead, like Ezreal deserves it more than any champion for season 9. I am just giving out a suggestion because I want to save my favorite game from a major downfall! YOU STILL HAVE TIME, DON'T DO THIS, GIVE THIS SKIN TO A MORE DESERVING CHAMPION. NOBODY EVEN PLAYS AATROX AFTER YOU NERFED HIM TO THE GROUND. #SAVETHEGAME #MAKEABETTERSKIN
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