TFT takes over all the resources?

This is a bit of a rant i know, but recently it seems like TFT is riots new little favorite child that get's all the attention for new "content" or bugg fixes or champs you name it and TFT get's it. This season has been filled with buggs more than any previous season in league, the matchmaking system is all whacked, and not to mention the ban system does not seem to work anymore. People just randomly write racial slurs/int/afk/leave without any punisment. Iam seriously think that riot accualy have stopped caring about the mode that most of the community play. The PBE patches are mostly new stuff added to TFT this and that TFT, always TFT. When are the new stuff coming for SR? When will we get more events and game modes. Why does all of your attention go to TFT. And not to speak of the balance of the game seems to be extra bad this year. Champs that already have a high win rate get's buffs while some champs just gets gutted. I know worlds is coming up and you want champions that are flashy for worlds (except akali) But really it's like 0.02% of the playerbase that play the game as pros. Just seems like nowdays most roles gets to little attention, people keep trolling more, keep inting more and just keep ruining the SR games for more and more players since they get no punishment, were is the riot games everyone loved? where is the riot that realeased new cool game modes with stories and missions that were more than "kill this kill that" and prestige skins, just as an easy cashgrab. Maybe it's just me but it feels like if riot don't start focusing on the SR side of things people will just stop playing tbh.
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