No more PvE

So Riot basically stabbed us in back with their Doran's Blade. {{item:1055}} No more PvE game modes? No more Odyssey universe with ultra cool experience, beautiful skin concepts and best game mode whatsoever? No problem... I'll just finally have a good reason to quit League after being addicted for many years :) Thanks a lot guys, you saved me. {{sticker:sg-janna}} PS (a long one): If any of you money diggers read this, please.. start to use a tool called inquiry. Your community will gladly tell you its a bad idea to remove PvE, just like we did when you introduced Eternals. And for those who might defend Riot in this case with stuff like "They don't have enough resources, they are a company and are here to make money, it's better for them to keep the company alive then to work on resource hungry PvEs.." Guys... If they won't take the risk and the community will lose their interest in the game because of stereotype events, how much money will Riot actually lose? If people will stop buying skins and accessories because there will be no background to them, how can they keep the company alive? I'm not a Riot manager, I don't see the exact numbers. But tell me honestly, would you rather buy an Odyssey or Star guardian skin set if there is a huge universe with special game mode behind it, or you would rather spend the money on some "Splendid Staff anime Nami"? I personally bought 3 of the event skins at once back then, with frames and stuff (Kayne, Sona, Malph) and won the Ziggs from missions which was pretty cool. By now I've collected all of them (Yasuo, Jinx). The whole Morning Star crew. Why? Because I love them! I loved the game mode and I loved the backstory. But now? Oh yeah, I spent some money on KDA prestige edition set, I'm playing the events just for those... but anything else is just meh... Don't tell me you got excited during this years Project event, or during Cats & Dogs... Its just not it :/ If any of you guys share my opinion on this one, please vote in the pool so I can screenshot it later and send it personally to riot. Maybe they'll listen like they did with Eternals (although they did not completely remove it, but I appreciate the move).
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