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3-0 Cait 1-0 me as Lulu Vs galio and yasuo bot Then after we took first tower, my wards and ct wards were not enough they collapse on us. O map awerens, 0 map rotation, just walk in front like an hamster on a wheel, so many games are trow after we win bot and take first tower then the feed begin, tunnel vision pushing! with empty brain no strategy in mind just right click. Disgusting creature some adc, refuse to ward, refuse to go back when see jungle and mid coming, or die staying with 20hp for that extra one creep that you will miss to last hit it anyway! Then start spamming in look for blame "report top", "report jungle"! When you are gold 3 and have this you should not complain about mid feeding or jungle doesn't gank, you should just stfu in shame. We won bot lane hard, and then feed yasuo back because adc think wardign is illegal, is so hard to press a button. In past you need to buy (for free) the trinket from the shop and games were ending with players not even take them. Now they are forced to you when leave bae level 1. To win lane but throw game because you are incapable to press a button to place a free ward that is FORCED on you when you leave base level 1, and then start flame mid and jungle ... Think is I give no shit about a lose. I saw so many bad players in my life to be immune, but its so disgusting when player are blank stupid, trow games, do envirothon they can to lose the game and all they do is blame others. When garbage elo(iron, bronze, silver, gold) come on forum to whine about matchmaking, about riot destroying their youth and dreams giving them bad teams, when in fact so many of you SUCK you have 0 logic, 0 understanding of the game, all you can do it's spam fast buttons and some time with strong champions to win lanes and then BLANK darkens in your bain. When climb back to gold after soft reset, Isee so good mechanical players, great vayne that kite very good in 2v2 fight, and many other adcs, and I wonder hmm why this guy is so good mechanically and he is silver 3-2, I watch past seasons and he is eternal bronze-silver not even got to gold. Then the revelation, me feeding him kills as support and him being good to right click but after lane is over he is dumb like a rock, constant going like a brave degenerate 1v5, total garage placement in teamfights, and then the stuburnes set refuse to listen to reason and start to troll. (where's my team ?!!?!?! maybe wait for us ? omg I troll) Then they came on forum and whine that they won lane and lose game! well because YOU SUCK! and that's not only to adc so many of you are very good mechanical and win lanes 1v1, 2v2 then you have no clue what to do, if a brain scan would be made to you in that moment flat line ________________ 0 imaginations, logic, strategy. TLTR: Players complain about mmr, matchmaking, receiving bad teams, teammates feeding, instead they don't do simple stuff to help them improve the chances to win, like pressing a button to place a **free ** ward that is forced to their inventory when leave base at level 1.
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