Congratulations Riot Games!You just lost a season 5 Gold 2 player!

I am oficially Quiting this dead game,I spend so much time and effort and this company hasn't done nothing for it's player's!Every match is so simple:walk around the map and do nothing ,and the team who doesn't get caught win's the game!That's every match in a nutshell. Now don't get me wrong and say that,that isn't true!I have been perma banned on my main account from season 5.The reason I got banned every time was because I was so called "toxic".That in my opinion is so %%%%ing dumb!Why would you get banned in a video game for talking shit!Talking shit is probably the only fun parts in this boring ass game,and it pisses people off! Other games like CSGO,Fortnite,Apex Legends,Overwatch,Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 reward their players by how many hours they spend in the game,and they are actually having fun playing that game.In league you don't really have that option!Also if they are so "toxic" they won't even get banned!I mean it's stupid how this company employee's think!And here come's the part that pisses everybody off.....Champion's. I will start off with my personal main before it's rework,my beloved Aatrox.7 months ago they reworked this champion because he "wasn't played and didn't fit well in the game and his kit was very simple and useless".Say what?That champion was the most picked top laner in LCS and he was in meta in season 7 and 8!You guys completly ruined him!You gave him a kit that I had to learn over 200 matches with his reworked version!And even worse,they nerfed him to the %%%%ing ground where they made him unplayable!The same stuff happened with Irelia and Akali!Rework a champion,nerf him to the %%%%ign ground to a point where is useless and unplayable and ignore your community feedback!It's a dead game,let's be honest! With that being said I am quiting this game!Maybe revert everything back to season 3 or 5!You %%%%ed up this time Riot,admit it!You are decreasing the RP ammount when you buy some RP because your game is dying,cause people quit this game in masses since season 3 LOL!
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